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Adjustable Glass Louvre Awning.

This truly unique South African product
is manufactured in our ALLPORT PTY (Ltd) workshops
situated in George WC and Hartbeespoort NW.

Supplied to licensed installers throughout South Africa
with full support from a Company with a 25 year track record.

This product is registered as the Intellectual Property
of J.A.Bouwer Director of Allport PTY (Ltd).

Also see www.allport.co.za

Adjustable Glass Louvre Awning

Our aluminium extrusions are produced under licence by Wispeco the leading South African Aluminium Extrusion Company.


Our frames comprise a heavy duty
aluminium rectangular tube section with an
integrated aluminium gutter system.

The roof is supported on aluminium
square tube columns or any required variant.

The unique designed interlocking SPLASH PLATES
eliminates dripping rainwater by directing water
straight into the gutters.

It also prevents leaves and other obstacles falling
to the inside and can easily be removed when opening the roof.

Powder coated:

Choose from one of the standard aluminium
colours White, Bronze, Natural silver or Charcoal.

Or match the required colour
to your existing windows or fascias.

Or choose from a large variety of colours
in our catalogue.

Glass panels:

Specially designed interlocking aluminium sections with dust and water seals added ensures a waterproof closing.

Panels open 90 degrees either by means
of a manual crank handle or remote controlled electrical opener.

The stainless steel and nylon hinges
ensures a smooth opening.

Glazing elements (natural light):

Safety glass, Polycarbonate or Acrylic in the roof panels enables you to choose just the right amount of light through the roof yet it blocks most of the harmful ultraviolet rays.


The interlocking sections are designed to prevent dust or water on top of the roof to fall through to the inside.

Wash the glass panels from the inside after opening the roof fully.

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